Overcoming Intimidation: Semi Realistic Pen Drawing of Dog


This is a pen drawing I did of a residents dog where I live.  I felt intimidated with the idea of drawing it realistically.  It was for a birthday present and I knew the guy sort so I only charged 15.  Well plus I didn’t think it would come out good so I gave him a low price.  I think all artists struggle with intimidation.  In fact before I finish each piece I take on the feeling that it’s not gonna look good when I get done.  All artists struggle with this on various levels.

But there is a silver lining.  For me my negative thoughts arise from watching artists who are much better then me at drawing on youtube.  I watch to learn techniques.  But the silver lining is that we all have our own niche.  In the blog world a niche a small subset of a topic that you blog about to build a following.  So when I say we all have our own niche I mean all artists have something they are really good at and it’s a subset of one subject matter.  Some artists are good at caricatures.  Others are good at human figures.  Some are good at abstract.

In my opinion each of these “niches” takes practice to master.  Some will come naturally.  Which brings me to this pen drawing. I’ve only done about 4-6 pen drawings to date.  I’m 26.  And I’m starting to realize that realistic pen drawings may be my knack.  More so than charcoal or graphite faces.  I have my own style.  And my advice to you is to trust that you will develop your own style that sets you apart from other artists.  In a sense you will become the standard that other people look to replicate if you keep at it.

In a future post I will go over how I achieved the look in this drawing.  Be sure to check back.  It will probably be under the art tab.

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