2016: How to Copyright your audio, visual, or written creation

This is going to be a 2016 guide to copyrighting your creation whether it be audio, visual, or written.  The breadth of this guide will be catered to the audience i feel is reading this blog.  You can register online for which you will incur a 35$ fee.  You can also register by mail for which you will incur a 55$ fee.

For multiple works registered online you will be charged 55$ and will be able to copyright an unlimited amount of your works under one category.  If you are registering online you can use their eCo…which stands for the electronic copyright office.

For a full list of pricing and to see how your pricing could differ visit the question that asks what is the registeration fee On this page and click on circular 4 for a full list of prices.

You can copyright songs, plays (i beleive), screenplays and even original lyrics without a music sheet by filing it under “work of performing arts.” There are also other categories.  If you are unsure what category your work falls under it is best to give them a call.

Here are some frequently asked questions i decided to pull from their freque tly asked questions page for the full list of questions Visit the faq page by clicking here.

when is my work protected?

Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a device or machine.

Do i have to use my real name on the form? Can i use my stage name or pen name?

there is no legal requirement that the author be identified by his or her real name on the application form. For further information, see (Click here and visit question for pdf FL 101), psuedonyms.  If filing under a fictitious name check “psuedonymous” when giving information about the author.

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