What does Meal, Copy and Credit mean

Actors browsing the likes of craigslist and other classifieds sites will often come across listings offering meal, copy and credit as payment for acting in the film.  So what exactly is that?

Meal, copy and credit is most frequently used as a form of payment for low budget and student films.  It is rarely used on high budget box office films.


This part of the equation generally means that actors agreeing to the payment of meal, copy and credit form of payment will recieve food.  It could be as simple as chips and salsa or they could cater with subway for the actors.


copy means just what it says.  After filming is complete you will recieve a copy of the finished worked.  It coukd either be a file or physical copies of the dvd however few.  This lets you build a portfolio when you otherwise wouldnt be finding work as an actor.


This is generally only useful for actors who may be given roles besides more famous actors.  Crew don’t usually benefit from the credit part of the equation.  Credit is basically reputation.  If the film you act in is screened at a film festival then it could lead to more higher paying roles.  This grows your overall reputation.  See my post titled  How Vin Diesel got famous…Introduction to film festivals

If you are a singer, writer or actor im willing to trade my talents for yours.  I can provide you with equipment in exchange for your talent such as cameras and audio recording equipment as well as my art.  See my post titled Budding Creatives Society




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