How Vin Diesel got famous: Introduction to film festivals.

You probably wouldn’t think it but Vin diesel wasn’t born famous.  Today his films often go number one in the box office.  In 2013 when Vin Diesel released Riddick to his cult following, the third sequel in the series (after The Chronicles of Riddick), it quickly skyrocketed to number one.  But if you search around for interviews with vin diesel or check the beginnings of his facebook page you will come across a very humble earlier version of himself recounting how he went from off broadway star to starring in Saving Private Ryan.

It all started when he raised funds for and subsequently shot a 20 minute short film which he titled Multifacial.  The entire film was shot in a matter of weeks for a budget of 3000$ and is a display of his own acting talents as well as others.  The film depicts him reading from a script at an audition and talking with someone at the auditions who he knows who states that he has gotten jobs acting in commercials.  The entire film varies significantly from the subject matter of other films that are screened at festivals.

The film was shot in 1995 and screened at Cannes Film Festival receiving rave reviews. But despite its flashy debut it wasnt until 3 years later that stephen speilberg called him up and wrote a part just for him in Saving Private Ryan.

You all probably recall the scene where Vin Diesel is shot and retreives a bloodied note from his pocket telling a fellow soldier to give the letter to a family member.  Vin diesel is shown giving interviews where he recounts how he was introduced to Tom Hanks shortly before filming was to begin saying “oh my god Tom Hanks” as a way to recall his reaction.

So in summary film festivals are a way to get your films (and acting talents) noticed by famous directors.  It is one of the most common ways to break into the industry. Even michelle rodriguez who stars beside Vin Diesel made her debut when the film she starred in titled “Girl Fight” screened at a film festival.

In the posts to come i will give some intorductions to some of the film festivals and give some details about them such as how much it costs to enter approximately.



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  1. […] This is generally only useful for actors who may be given roles besides more famous actors.  Crew don’t usually benefit from the credit part of the equation.  Credit is basically reputation.  If the film you act in is screened at a film festival then it could lead to more higher paying roles.  This grows your overall reputation.  See my post titled  How Vin Diesel got famous…Introduction to film festivals […]


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