Introduction to Kellee Maize: how she made it in the music biz

A year or so back I was desperately searching for a method of self promotion that would allow me to build a following on youtube.  That search came to an end when I found an article by Kellee Maize.  In it she describes how she got noticed giving away some of her music for free and utilized cheap youtube tools to grow her fanbase.

One of the first things she recommends is not doing free shows as they don’t really create visible results.  Kellee says she did about 150 free shows over a year but she stresses that once you feel you can do a show that will really engage an audience you should start charging.

She goes on to say that rather than putting your faith in music blogs hoping for a response for some publicity you should take alternative routes.  Many blogs even those receiving as few as 10k visits a day can get over 200 music submissions a day.  Its hard to make your email stand out.  Kellee says you should focus on specific techniques to build your fanbase and the publicity will follow.

One of the things kellee did was give away her music the legal way.  She says that in order to do this you need to attatch a creative commons license to your music.  You can still make money off your music as not all people will know its free plus as you build a fanbase some people will want to pay to support you.

The next step is to start messaging youtubers and telling them they can use your music in their videos.  The most efficient way to do this is using the software on  plans range from $19 a month to $69 a month and there is steep discounts for paying yearly.  The software allows you to do many things you would do on youtube only automatically.  Such as sending messages, commenting on videos ect.

Once you start sending messages to creators letting them know they can use your music in your blog people will start searching for you as the youtuber has to give you credit.  When i looked last year kellee maize had 17k subscribers.  This year she has 19k.  It may not seem like much of a gain but her videos all have upwards of half a million views.  Google pays out 2-4$ a thousand views.  So she is making a pretty penny.  Over 12,500 videos on youtube use her music with many of them getting thousands of views.

I only took out snippets from the article so be sure and Check out the full article.


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