Budding Creatives Society

Budding Creatives Society is a place to learn about the arts and collaborate with artists such as singers, writers, playwrights, screenwriters, actors, directors and artists.  I hope this site serves as an inspiration for you.

I got into drawing at the age of 8 or 9.  My skills surpassed everyone in my class.  After my brother and dad died i was looking for an outlet to express myself.  I was introduced to a comic at the library with a man who had 3 doctorate degrees.  It was called little green men.  Its hosted on a site called the meusem of unnatural sciences.  While most of the story is incoherent it served as inspiration to learn about movie production and acting.

At the time i was dating a girl who had suffered from significant abuse and as i read the comic it seemed as if i could assume the role of the characters and no longer have to worry about lifes setbacks.  As i became more interested in filmmaking it became clear that the only thing holding me back from my dreams was the finances i required to get into production.  This is the reason i registered this domain is because it became apparent to me that like myself there are many others who are consumed with lifes worries who are looking for an escape.

My goal with this site is to inspire you to take up the arts and provide you with a place to network with other like minded individuals.

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